ASPEN of Americas's Alternative Sentencing Program the "Second Chance-Life Values" was developed in New Mexico by two retired State Police Officers; K.C. Rogers and Kevin Boyd. The ASPEN Programs have been successfully running for over six years and over 25,000 offenders have been sentenced to the "Second Chance-Life Values" program in New Mexico with a proven reduction in recidivism. ASPEN is the most successful offender responsible court ordered program in the US. ASPEN of New Mexico has been accepted and utilized by 16 District Courts, DWI Courts, Juvenile and Adult Correctional Facilities.

With heart and passion Steven P Andersen, a retired police officer of over 30 years, felt the ASPEN Programs was a must in Minnesota and North Dakota. With small adjustments the "Second Chance-Life Values" program has been successfully running in Beltrami County in the 9th Judicial District since January of 2007.

ASPEN programs are provided in several locations in northern Minnesota and North Dakota since 2008. Craig Baker and Jerome Thorsen continue to expand the number of courts and counties utilizing ASPEN programs. Probation Officers, Chemical Dependency Assessment Staff, and Colleges and Universities refer their clients to ASPEN programs to help those offenders make better choices in their future.

The success of the program is apparent in the comments of the students. Please refer to Student Comment Section.

Courts we service
  • Beltrami County District Court - since Jan 2007
  • Clay County District Court - since Nov 2007
  • Hubbard County District Court - since Jan 2008
  • Lake of the Woods County District Court - since Jul 2012
  • Koochiching County District Court - since Sep 2013
  • Fargo Municipal Court - since Oct 2008
  • Grand Forks Municipal Court - since Mar 2010
  • West Fargo Municipal Court - since Oct 2014
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