What We Are...
A.S.P.E.N. of America and Education Networks is an Offender Responsible Education Program that works in conjunction with:
Aspen of Minnesota
Aspen of New Mexico
• Courts
• Probation
• Department of Corrections
• Pre-Prosecution Diversions
• D.W.I. and Drug Courts
Once the offender has reached the sentencing hearing of their case, the courts in conjunction with other consequences can also opt to sentence the offender to A.S.P.E.N. "Second Chance-Life Values" program. At the courts discretion the offender has thirty, sixty or ninety days to attend the class. Upon completion of the class the offender is awarded a Certification of Completion and the offenders' participation is communicated to the courts by the A.S.P.E.N. staff.
What We Provide...
  • Provide the offender with information concerning the negative effects of criminal activity and a criminal lifestyle.
  • Provide education regarding involvement in General Crime, Alcohol, Gangs and Drug Abuse
  • Provide the offender with positive information on harm reduction and self-help.
  • Educate the offender on how to prevent further harm to themselves and understand there are positive alternatives to criminal behavior, as well as organizations and agencies to help them.
NEW ONLINE CLASSES for New Mexico students only
Upcoming Online Classes » Friday, 03/05/21
There are currently no classes scheduled for Minnesota and North Dakota. If you have questions regarding a past class you attended in MN email Craig Baker at craigb@rrt.net or call 701-412-3567
I have been sentenced to ASPEN... Now what do I do?
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Second Chance Life Values ...
ASPEN "Second Chance Life Values" is an educational alternative to or in conjunction with fines and/or incarceration.

ASPEN is designed for:
• Underage Alcohol Crimes
• Marijuana Possession
• Misc Drug Related Crimes
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If you are an offender that has been sentenced to ASPEN, please continue with our registration process

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Lost Certificate...
If you are in need of a reprinted certificate follow this link and directions
Aspen in the News...
"Thanks to ASPEN I have a better understanding and will be able to make better and smarter decisions. Thank you!"
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